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I always wanted to write a book named "Amway Business plan for DUMMIES" or teach a course "Amway Business Plan 101". But then I realized that there is nothing to write so much to make it a book. Because the business plan is a very very simple- a simple multichain marketing. I don't think that anybody in the Amway business wants their new recruits to know that it's a simple money chain scam or a simple multilevel marketing.

If the NEW Quixtar\Amway Recruits realize that it's a simple chain business, HOW can the UPLINES make money by selling cds, books, tapes or conference tickets thru' which downlines can learn this "COMPLICATED BUSINESS"? The 9 core steps promoted by the motivational organizations like BWW,Worldwide Dreambuilders, Winners international, Network 21 etc includes TEACHABILITY and SUBMISSION. Teachability and Submission are not very simple concepts and these concepts comes with TERMS and Conditions written in small letters. Teachability is that downlines should act as a dumber for their uplines to teach. Teaching is not free, rather they are overpriced which comes in the form CDs, Books, tapes, conference thru' which the uplines earn commission on every sale. So, basically it's not motivational business, rather a screwing business where you'll get screwed at your own expenses!!!

So, even if I write the book 'Amway Business plan for Dummies", none of these downline dummies will ever read the book as they submitted them and their family to their uplines:) They deliberately prefer to stay as Dummies and get BANKRUPT!

What a funny world! I doubt whether Abraham Lincoln could abolish the SLAVERY completely! If he was alive, he might now have realized about the INTELLECTUAL SLAVERY!

I feel sorry for all the Amway Slaves wandering in the malls and Restaurants in the hunt for their downlines!

I feel sorry for the BWW Salves who wander around the conference halls and pase meetings in their 2 piece suits and tie even during hot and humid summers!

I feel sorry for all these Quixtar slaves who think themselves as business owners when they don't own any business!!

I think my introduction to this topic went too much boring and I beat around the bush too much!

Here is how Amway Quixtar Business Plan works:
Just some FAQ!

Q.2 How can I make money from the Amway Business?

You've to SELL SELL SELL and SELL. Amway Business model is just Door to Door Sales. You choose how to sell and how much to sell- that's how you can rake money. But, the products are not competitive- They are just overpriced and most of them are OFF brands- Amway brands! You won't get the products for WHOLESALE PRICE or anything. They are just overpriced than the most expensive brand of related products you find in any store. That makes the selling business hard! So, you've to be tamed door to door salesman.

Q.2 If door to door sales is the profit, why should I recruit downlines in Amway Business?

Amway is a multichain marketing business. So, more salesman under you, more chances of commissions. It's like a marketing manager having couple of sales representatives under him where he can get more commission from sales. The only difference between the sales manager of a marketing company and an upline in Amway is that former get salary apart from commission, but Amway distributor just get commission.

Q.3 What's the difference between a distributor of Amway vs a distributor of the normal sales company?

The normal company distributor don't need to hunt for recruiting new people. He just need to sell stuffs at a retail price which he got at a wholesale price. The difference is his profit (Math 101).
As against this normal philosophy, in Amway also, you'll sell, but not the products you got at a wholesale price. rather you'll have to sell overpriced products. You'll have to juggle with words to prove that these products are highly priced because of their higher quality which nobody EVER PROVED or EVEN APPROVED! The margin of profit is zero or even less than what you paid for gas to drive to there.

Q.3 Then How will I make money in Amway?

You don't make money thru' Amway. rather you make money thru' motivational organizations. Amway business is just a platform for your motivation business. Motivation is the real business. You sell the cds, conference ticket, books and tapes from the motivational organizations like BWW, Worldwide Dreambuilders, Winners international, Network 21 etc and get commissions of that sale. For that you've to recruit more and plug them into these motivational system. But beware that you've to compete with your upline in the later stage for making such sales of cds, books, tickets etc. That's the worst part of the business. First uplines will be your friends and these so called friends MILK you a lot. Then, they wil start milking your downlines. When you tell them that you also want to make money and that you'll milk the people whom you recruited, THAT"LL BE THE STARTING POINT OF YOUR COMPETITION WITH YOUR UPLINE. They play politics to get the sales back, so---be ready to do enough politics for your survival.

Q.4 If Amway business won't fetch money, then why there are many rich Amway IBO's?

My friend, Amway started it's multilevel marketing 30 years ago. People who joined in the first stage when the concept was new made money and got richer. Now that ship is sailed away. Everybody knows about the Amway scam and people stays away from it. You're now too late to be in a Multilevel scam like Amway to make money or get rich. All you do if you join Amway now, is to make other old richer IBOs more richer. That's the whole reason why they come to stage to "educate you" so that you'll spent money to get them more rich. Not because that they are your friend.

Here are some Statutory Government Warning to be displayed in the Welcome kit of Amway Business





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