Don't let others steal your Dream!


Reality is nobody can steal anybody's dreams!
Just replace Dreams with Money; that's what your upline is doing with you!

Everybody has a dream about what they've to become! Becoming a doctor, engineer, pilot etc. But I don't think anybody will dream to become a Salesman!

Becoming a salesman happens accidentally when we don't have any other way of finding a good job!

Who wan't to become an unwelcomed guest in anybody's house-?

Salesman do have to be! So do the Quixtar aka Amway IBOs!!!!

BWW and other motivation organizations, in association to Quixtar, is making people dream about becoming a salesman. They know that people won't buy that! So, "Rich and famous" are the keywords associated with Salesman (oh sorry I used the wrong term, I mean "IBOs").

Building your dream is the first lesson of Quixtar.

For that you've to watch a video on :
* How some old leaders drive BMW, Benz, Lexus etc,.
* How they live in big houses
* How they swim in the pool
* How they love their wife and kids (at least in the video)
* and many more.....

Working towards achieving the dream is the second lesson.

For that you'll have to:
* Quit school, if you're a student and start attending OPEN Meetings, PASE meetings and conferences where Great Millionaires will teach classes live! But don't expect anything to be FREE! You'll have to pay your share of hard earned money!

* Less sincere in the job and more sincere to your upline. At job, you're working for a nasty Boss who pays you to have a good living. At BWW/Quixtar, you are working for an upline who helps you spend all your money for building your (his) dream! At BWW, they assure that you build a dream, work towards that dream and ultimately spend all your money with that dream.

* Buy "business tools"! Don't be scared : tools are not like Craftsman tools; they are just Motivational Cds, Books and seminar rally stuffs just like in Pentecost Church Seminars aimed to create GOD at the stage! Again, don't expect this to be free or cheap priced; each cd costs $8 and DVD for $15. If you want it cheap, get it from eBay. Just search for Quixtar or Amway in eBay!

Help other people build the dream is the third lesson

This is a big coursework which can be achieved thru' DUPLICATION. You duplicate or clone somebody like you. Not in shape and size, but the same way by which you're screwed!

The motivation for you is YOU'RE ALREADY SCREWED! SCREW MORE PEOPLE THRU' YOU TO GET A RELIEF ON YOUR SPENDINGS! i.e Get somebody to share your expenses and become smart enough to get profit from them. These clones are named as your downlines. If you teach these lessons well, you've just become a Quixtar Businessman!! Congrats!

Don't let others steal your dream

To ensure that your "dream" and the dream which you built in your downlines remain intact, follow thru' these steps:

* They don't watch tv, read newspapers and other information materials which will make them aware of what is happening outside.

* They don't browse internet or look for any reviews. All they look in internet is BWW, Quixtar, Partner stores etc

* They don't talk to negative people

* They don't talk to crossline or people from other team which may give a chance for them to compare between their uplines and crossline's upline or buy tools from anybody else!

* They don't change jobs which are more paying. More paying jobs will tend to make them think about the worthiness of building a business when they earn enough money.

* If they are Indians and in IT, ask them to move to upline computer consultancy sothat both UPline and Boss will be same person and you're totally screwed!

* They don't relax in weekends! If they relax, they'll have free time and they may tend to look at EVIL NEWPAPERS, OTHER EVIL MONEYMAKING TIPS, GET SOME COMMONSENSE THRU" THINKING etc. This is a dangerous situation; so get them to wheels and drive to downline's houses which are atleast 4 hours away and sell some cds or books or talk about next conference. This way they don't have any free time in the weekend.

* Have them go out in the evenings and weekends to bug people in malls and other public places. Ask them to get no.s from people and talk to them after coming back. Talk to as many as people as possible. Irritate people and get irritated so that they'll think about nothing else other than irritations and ways of getting over with these frustrations!

Last Lesson: Question their self respect if they plan to stay away from BWW tools or conferences!

If somebody turned out to be sensible and started doubting about the worthiness of tools or conferences or even business, do the following:

* Just harass them and question their self respect. Call them a looser or tell them that ONLY LOOSERS QUIT. Nobody can stand insult. So to prove that they are not a looser, they'll comeback!

* Have a special session in team meeting and announce again that ONLY LOOSER QUIT AND ONLY LOOSER DOUBTS ABOUT THE BUSINESS. That'll take care of it.

* Still he is not coming in BWW way, then have "other uplines" call them and flatter them that YOU ARE A CHAMPION or PROUD OF YOU. This lesson is called positive psychology! Now he will think-oh my great great upline trusted me- how can I put him down.? You're TAMED!!!

Closing Note

A request for all quixtar martyrs: Please don't have your greed work out more than your logic and ethics and SCREW OTHERS AND GET SCREWED!

Replace "Money" with "Dreams" when you quote the proverb again!
Here is the modified version:



Don,  June 12, 2007 at 2:43 PM  

Good work dude! For them, Dreams and freedom are the buzz words for screwing people. I donno whether there is a system out there to stop these kinda unfavorable advantage taking!

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