If you don’t make a Dollar, I won’t make a penny!

Have you heard this: If you don’t make a Dollar, I won’t make a penny?

Yes, may be many times from the mouth of your upline! When he sponsored you or when he was showing the plan for sponsoring somebody for you!

You’re impressed! I too was impressed with these words.

So, I got a feeling that he will make $$ only if I make $$!

So, he will work hard to make my business successful!

That’s how I felt when I saw the Quixtar business plan. That’s the commission structure of quixtar!

Wow I am relaxed; somebody will work for me. He started calling me every night over phone. He is guiding me to go to Open meeting. He’ll follow up with me for attending the PASE meetings. I am so happy. It doesn’t cost me much.

I was happy about this business. An open meeting is just $5/ week. Not bad at all! By going there, You learn to show the plan! Great! You can take any of your friends as guest FREE OF COST! Great Great! After a while you’re told to attend a conference which cost $100 in which 30,000 millionaires will come and teach you to be successful! Another couple of bucks for stay at the hotel and traveling!

And this conferences happens 4 times a year…And you’ll have to attend all these to learn more. It all costs couple of dollars as per my upline!

I already spend $1500 in the past 6 months for sustaining “my business” just for purchases. And I got $ 45 as performance bonus.

So what would you think?

I just made $45 from my business. So, my upline will get just $ 7-8 as commission from my business.

If you think so, you’re missing something! Seriously something!!


Before going into that, let me glance my other expenses:

Now I really started estimating my cost benefit proportion in this business, even though I know that it’s too early to do that while running a businesses. Still I’ll have to do it as I’m spending all my money!!

I’m in the 6′th month of my business and already attended 2 major conferences. But my business is at the place where I started. just one down line, that too my close friend!

This is my expenditure statement :

24 Open meetings in 6 months : $120 + gas

24 PASE meetings in 6 months: $ 0 + gas

2 Major conferences in 6 months: $ 400 for tickets (me and my spouse)

: $ 160 for accommodation

: $ 400 for bus travel

TOTAL expenses in 6 months: $ 1080

These are the other sources I was mentioning previously. Did any of these RING ANY BELL FOR YOU?

If not! These are money which goes to your upline even if you do or don’t do the business!

They are not bothered whether you sponsor anybody or not. They want you to sponsor anybody to just increase your confidence level in this business and YOU DON’T QUIT!



eagle,  November 20, 2007 at 1:51 AM  

broke people make excuses - people who want to achieve their goals DONT-


Ann Crystal November 20, 2007 at 11:36 AM  

Hi Eagle: First thing is -if you are not broke, then you may be new to the business and just spreading the EXACT words wht your upline has taught you!

If you're in the business for long and not broke yet, then you're not spending a single penny on purchasing the overpriced Quixtar stuffs and BWW tools and conferences:). If that's the case, they might have kicked you out!

Don't EVER compare job with this Amway distributorship! Your question is after getting a degree, how much you get from a job? You'll get what you and your degree is worth. It pays for all your bills, bread and butter and a decent life style. But the "so called business" you're talking about, it needs the pay from your job to sustain. that means that you're PAYING FOR THIS DISTRIBUTORSHIP from the JOB and your SALARY. And that too HOW MANY years? You think about 5 years? That's what you upline keep on telling you? No way! Quixtar ship is already sailed. You've to pay from your salary for another couple of years till you're broke. Still you curse your boss and job and praise the "business" which eats your salary. Install COMMONSENSE DUDE!

Joecool,  December 14, 2007 at 7:22 PM  

Hi Ann, great blog!

You might enjoy reading and posting on my blog as well:


Emm Gee March 7, 2008 at 11:18 AM  

I am not a 'quixtar' IBO; I am familiar with this term, though -- I meet them every once in a while in malls, school, work... and its not hard to tell you are talking to an IBO.

But, as a business owner, I have to say this -- the expenses you mentioned are minuscule compared to what you would incur when you start a 'real' business. Which one becomes more successful is everyone's guess. But these IBOs claim that their method is proven to lead you to success if followed diligently. Dont know -- time will tell.

Ann Crystal March 7, 2008 at 1:59 PM  

Emm Gee: I know the expenses I have shown is negligible as far a real business is concerned. But, when it comes to Amway or Quixtar, it's not a real business as they advertise. They usually hunt students and people and give them fake promises of making millions. Then, they sign them up for the pyramid scam named Amway as an IBO and demand them to buy/consume overpriced products every month. The expenses I mentioned is over the top of all money-- which is spent on Motivational products by Motivational scammer organizations like BWW, Network 21, WWDB etc for "educating" them. Everything is a scam. IRS will hunt you down and penalize you, if you file tax as a business owner!!!

- J - November 2, 2008 at 2:29 PM  

Hello, I see that this page hasn't been commented on in a while but I'd like to play devils advocate for a moment.

I have been in the business for the past 3 months and i can honestly say that my, and I can only comment on my experience, has been a positive one.

I am building this as a single male and since starting have been completely satisfied with my results up until this point. I see that you focused on teaching costs...etc. I had an upline who was completely upfront about teaching materials and training costs before I even got in. I in turn have done the same for all my potential prospects and downlines. Secondly I feel that the seminars and traing supplies are essential to how have run my business. It gives me the techniques and ideas to sculpt my business into something great. I again apologize if your upline had been less than truthful to you. It is not what I was taught in my BWW system and it is not what I teach to others.

As far as how money is made, listen you understand very quickly that it is a numbers game and not about selling, your money comes in from sponsoring people. Again I can only speak for my diamond group but we tell everyone the key to making the money in this business is to teach you how to shop and then you teach others to shop. Customer sales are just secondary.

As far as your bonus check, well what can I say, understand the business you know how to make more. Buy 150 pv - 300 pv of things for yourself and teach others to do the same. If you had done that for 12 people you can make a substantial income, it's all there in the plan. You can't help it if people are looking and desperate for more income that they only see the glitz and the cash and don't pay attention to detail.

I am sorry that you had an unpleasant experience in your organization but I do not however condone slamming the business because someone didn't do the right thing and give you all the facts.

By the way you know full well that every function that is suggested to IBO's is completely voluntary, so if you do not want to go then you don't have to pay.

Good Luck

Ann Crystal November 2, 2008 at 11:57 PM  

J: 3 months in the business, you're a kid in this Amway business. Now, you're really in the honeymoon period of the so called "ideal environment". You're still on the test drive, you're not really on the real time driving yet. Now, your upline will give you a glimpse of the "bad things" in Quixtar\Amway. That's reverse psychology..it is aimed to increase your trust because now everybody know the scam of Amway and BWW thru' all people writing about it. So, if your upline itself will speak out about the bad things-NOT EVERYTHING but just like the preview of it so that you can be really sucked into it perfectly. As you said, Sponsor 12 people and Do the Math about how much you make, it's not the money you imagine- it is way less than that. Also, there is nothing like RIGHT TEACHING:) You'll realize when you really start sponsoring people, so I'll leave that experience to you by giving no further comments. Please comeback and write another comment after an year about how much money you're making. I'll publish your comment ONLY if you've sponsored atleast 1 active IBO and your monthly check is more than $20 ( I mean monthly and NOT in a month or so). Good luck with your new life. Don't stay there till it sucks too much. Here is my advice: Whenever you feel that Amway sucks, just get out..Don't ever do more thinking that it'll get better next month. That was the mistake everybody DID when they were in Amway. !!!

- J - November 3, 2008 at 1:27 PM  

Thank you for keeping your response professional, I know people can get passionate about these kind of things.

I have built this business on the fast track In my first month I sponsored 4 people 1 of which who quickly became a core IBO, My first bonus check with me doing my 100 PV personal and 50 PV client, as well as my 1 core doing the same and the 50 pv from the other 3 legs I was in the 300 PV bonus scale, my check after completing the Quixtar University ($50.00 Bonus) totalled $87.86

The second month in this business I sponsored 2 couples bringing my total downlines to 6, each of these couples have become core IBO's and did 300 PV each as well as my original core who did 300 PV and I did 100PV It brought my total bonus to $248.76.

The third month I helped my core legs go in depth each leg sponsored 1 and I sponsored 1 as well, I had to help my downlines build as well so it took some time, So two of my core hit 300 again and 1 leg hit 600 and I also had a lot of customer sales through work and partner stores the month before and I hit 1500, my pending bonus check will be roughly $450.00

Is 450.00 all the money promised? No, but i did the research before I joined. I read and continue to read everything that is out there and if it makes sense it does I can't argue that. When you get shown the plan if it is 1 on 1 there is no doubt that there is a bit of trickery to it. Telling people that they sponsor 12 people who sponsor 6 that sponsor 4 that sponsor 2. they don't tell you that it is for each leg. They do in the DVD and that is why I show my plans that way. Again I can tell from your writings that things did not go well for you but I cant see how you apply it to everyone.

That may sound like an upline speech but it isn't this is the truth that I feel. I do agree with what you said above, If it sucks get out. It doesn't help me to have people on my team that don't do anything. I tell my downlines if by the 3rd month they don't make at least $100.00 bonus then we should sit down and talk and get them their registration fee back. Believe it or not, I personally am not in this to dupe people out of their money. I am in it to provide myself with an extra expendable income. I also put my bonus back into the business for seminars and hotels and opens. Each one I take advantage of.

I am not saying that you didn't work hard at this business, but if at the end of 3 months you weren't 100% confident in this business you should have quit. You chose to go to seminars and go to the opens. What was the worst that would happen if you didn't? The team wouldn't talk to you? Without you going into great detail I can tell you got screwed but every upline in amway or bww or dbww didn't screw you over.

All I am saying is that to judge everyone for another groups mistakes is wrong. Just because one person or a group of people is bad it doesn't mean you slander them all. I do understand of lot of what you are saying all I ask is that you specify that it was your experience just as I ask all the others with poor experiences.

I have seen the seedy aspect, yeah there are nasty people out there, they are everywhere. I myself was showing a plan at a Starbucks and a guy was showing some young couples the plan and told them they would make 2-3 thousand dollars the first month, I went up to him asked for his card, and he gave it to me, then I preceded to inform his prospects that he was a liar and I would be reporting him, which I did and he was expelled from his team. I wish those kind of things didn't happen but they do and it's not fair to slander a group of people who build this ethically and truthfully.

I understand that this will not change your attitude but I at least hope you can look at this with an open mind and see that grouping everyone together under a giant evil umbrella is wrong.

I look forward to hearing from you. I will not post my e-mail address as I do not wish to violate your request but I will send it to you if you would like.

Thank you again for your time.

Ann Crystal November 3, 2008 at 8:39 PM  

J: Since you invested a lot of time in writing the detailed comment, I should give credit for your time. Hence, I published your comment.

Your story may be exaggerated! However, I'm neither contradicting any of the facts you wrote in the comment nor doing a commonsense fact check as you're the one who decides which direction your life should go. Lies does not help you in long run as you may realize it sooner or later. The purpose of my blog is to give consumer education in the lies and crooked nature of the Amway\BWW cult. As far as people reads it and understand what they are in and what they get out of it, my job is over. It's up to the individuals to decide what they want to do with their life. My goal of this blog is that THERE SHOULDN'T BE ONE MORE AMWAY VICTIM DUE TO THE LIES, FALSE HOPES AND FABRICATED INFORMATION PROVIDED TO THEM. No more mis informed innocent victim should fall as a prey of this BWW Amway cult.

As you're from the NJ area, hopefully you may be working in the IT sector (as a desi consultant or may be NOT). Whatever be the case: here is my advice for you:

Irrespective of how good your upline is or irrespective of how good (or bad) you're doing with Amway business, NEVER EVER quit your job and take a job with Upline or his acquaintances (shady consultant companies). Always keep job and Amway\BWW cult as two unrealted entities. That way, you are not a SLAVE of your upline when you decide to quit. You'll still have a life.
Now J, I expect your reply only after an year! Good luck!

JW,  February 15, 2009 at 6:50 PM  

I am just getting started in this, and i am little unsure of it to be honest...i haven't even registered, but i am having issues with the trust of this because it is all wishy-washy on both sides. i can't hardly trust anybody in a blog, but i am just wanting some advice for this to work instead of telling advice on how it won't work...i would rather make the thousands extra a month then give up on this idea now. so if anyone might help, please just post something on here or you may email me at footballdude7777@hotmail.com

- J - November 7, 2009 at 12:54 PM  

It has been a year.

Hello Ann,

It's been a year since I last commented on your blog and as I agreed to do I am here to update you on what has happened.

Since this last year Quixtar became Amway Global again. Why? Well for brand recognition among it's foreign users that are now in America. It also was distancing itself from various World Wide DreamBuilders cult / clans.

I am still an IBO and have assembled a team and have seen people come and go. Has the road been paved in gold as promised early on? Of course not. If anything as a responsible upline and a decent person, this year has been down right awful. I refuse to invite people into this business that are struggling to make ends meet because it's just not fair. This is not a job and in no way will provide you enough income to substitute as one until you can climb the hierarchy.

The last time was spoke I was making a good sum of money for things I did in my spare time but it took me a while to realize what it was I was doing. I was paying Amway to pay myself. Why? Well as you well know there are some less than honest uplines out there. Once I realized this, I immediately told my upline diamond that I was being bullied. After a brief investigation by him, well my upline was expelled from the company.

As far as money goes, again, am I making enough to live my dream or quit my day job. Of course not. I have built a good size team, went "Eagle" and I am currently in platinum qualification. I am on average making $700 a month from Amway. It could be more if I spent more money but it seems a foolish move to pay yourself. As a single male I buy all my normal products from Amway every month (toilet paper, soap, laundry... etc) and I spend about $200 on products. Then my training materials and confrences average out to another $100 a month. So in total I make $400 in profit per month with Amway. Now it may not seem like a lot but it is $400 I didn't have before Amway.

The point is that people need to understand that yeah you aren't going to be a millionaire with this until you dupe the masses, but until then I am content with an extra $100 a week.

I still tell my downlines that if they don't make a profit of $100 in the first 3 months that this isn't for them, I certainly do recommend that they attend a function because if they are open to making life work for them then seeing the results is worth every penny.

I don't defend what I do anymore with fire and passion because I know the right choice for me. I am not the authoritative upline that bullies my team into purchasing massive amounts of products. If I did, I would certainly make more money. I do not force anyone to do anything they don't want to do. If things make sense to them then great and if it doesn't all the better. I am not a baby sitter or a father figure, I'm not a boss or a manager. I just share what I learned to others.

Thank you for offering different opinions on your blog so the world can see that there is two sides to every story.

Again I apologize that you had a negative experience as many others have had.

Good luck with your future endeavors.

Peter July 17, 2011 at 7:39 PM  

Thanks for putting up this blog. We need more people like you to bring light to these Quixtar scammers.

If any of you have not yet seen the Dateline NBC expose on Quixtar, you really need to check it out. I showed it to the fraternity brothers at my house shortly after they were almost scammed by one of the Quixtar losers. The show exposes them for who they really are and what they are about - scamming you!


Another awesome site to visit is the Amway/Quixtar site of professor David Touretzky. This man has the stones to expose Quixtar even after it's lawyer threatened him using BS laws. Hats off to you, professor.


lorain.jhon September 7, 2013 at 3:13 AM  

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