My own Questions? You learned a new word “Skepticism”!

I always want to get out of Quixtar business as I am trying to find answers for all the questions I asked myself for another 100 times:

  • I have to spend $250 monthly for getting 100 PV for all stuffs which I don’t want at all
  • 100 PV -What will I get with that? A$7.50 check? Wow!
  • Energy drinks- Do I really drink it in my normal life?
  • Vitamins- Have I ever used it before?

Ok forget these basic questions.

But my ultimate question will be Can I become free or become rich thru’ this business?

What will you do if you can’t find answers for this question? Discuss with your wife. She is also confused. So let’s ask our Upline!

That’s what Upline wants. That’s how business works.

If you ask question to somebody or seek an answer from them, then you’re filling the gap in your knowledge with “somebody” whom you think is “wise”.

That wisdom costs your life! Did you hear that-? you’ll have to pay for that!!!

You’re wondering HOW? My upline is my best friend, then why and how I pay him?

If your friend sponsored you into quixtar business, then you lost him! I repeat You lost your friend! He is promoted as your boss! If you’re a starter and didn’t feel it till now, don’t worry, YOU’ll get that feel sooner or later.

That’s what BWW is for:-

To teach you indirectly How to be an OBEDIENT SLAVE!?

Oh I diverted from my subject, let me come back to ways in which your questions gets answered by your upline:

Don’t worry about such questions right now. You’re just skeptical! I am also skeptical than you when I started this quixtar business. Just listen to Cds which I gave you and continue attending the open meeting and PASE meetings.

Oh forgot to tell you: A conference is going to happen soon in Philadelphia. 30,000 millionaires will be teaching you how to be successful in this business. You can’t miss that opportunity, it’s going to be life changing. When you attend the conference, I’ll sit with our upline and chart out the plan for you!

Wow sounds like a great plan! Wow there are many people out there just interested in helping me out.

Oh ya! I am confident- what a bunch of great people I am coming across! I am lucky for having an upline like him! My life is going to change and I’ll be a millionaire in couple of years. I’ll be a business tycoon in couple of years.

Get me some cards sothat I can start to build a “card palace in dreams”


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I assure that I am not a "looser" living in underground where there is no life!!!
I always felt that uplines who promote themselves as your "friend" should atleast tell you the truth that this Amway business is hard to get it work!

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