Partner stores trusted Quixtar, Then Why Not You?

You always have a question in mind, Does Quixtar really works?

With this doubt in mind, you try to sponsor somebody in to the business for moving on and He suddenly asks you whether "Quixtar is a scam"?
How trustworthy Quixtar is?

Now you're deserted, you'll turn your frustration, questions and worries to your upline and repeat the question to him- Hey tell me frankly, does this work? Can I really make money? I am already spending bucks with no return!!!

Here comes the list the big list of partner stores who "invested in Quixtar"!!!

Microsoft invested their technology in Quixtar. The entire site is built by Microsoft!

Dell has not partnered with anybody other than Quixtar!

Office Depot, Circuit City, Barnes and Nobles, Sprint,, Ace hardware, Avis, Broadband Marketplace, Discount Movies, Days In, Choice Hotels, Disney Shopping, Drivers Elite,, Bombay Company, Blue Nile, Dicks Sporting, Floors and more Direct, Furniture Find, Gateway (no more a partner), Koday Easyshare Gallery, Landscape USA, Musical Instrument Superstore, Network solutions, Northern Tool and Equipments, Nascar, Paper Direct, Parts America, Paul Federics Mens Style, Personally Fit Health, Pet net outlet, Print shop, Ramada, Quixtar VISA, Sony Music, Realty Mortgage Service, Super 8 Motel, Superior Coffee, Gold Warehouse, The Tirenplace, Travel Lodge, Universal Insurance Services, Electronics and photo,Web cloths, Wingate INN, Wireless Market plus, Baby and Maternity, Books and Magazines, Ada Valley Frozen Foods, Flowers and Gifts, American Satellite & Entertainment, Kangaroo, Giraffe, Hippo, Rhinoceros, Frogs, sewer rats, ice creams, trash cans......

Are you amazed with the laundry list of partner stores ?

You'll get this detailed list only if you become an IBO and login to the site. That's your incentive of becoming an IBO, you'll know the detailed list of partner stores!!!

Pretty Amazing, isn't it? You might be wondering why you've heard of some of the partner stores only and not others? Don't be surprised, except the big names, all other stores are run by quixtar..LOL.

Broadband Market Place and Wireless Market Plus are just paper companies which are just cabins in Ada office without a phone and a dedicated employee..LOL

So now here is the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION for you, if you're still skeptical to join:

If these companies like Microsoft, Dell, Circuit city etc which are doing million dollar businesses and who care about their reputations would join Quixtar if it's a scam? Then WHY You, who is nobody in the earth, care about your reputation and wonder whether it's a scam?

Are you stuck at this question? If yes, that's what they want? Now they can get over you since you yourselves felt that your thoughts are not wise or correct.

Now Get ready for a psychological Brainstorming! Get ready to change your school of thoughts!

But WAIT, Can you answer them that If I've spent the money and do something, WHY SHOULD I CARE ABOUT WHO TRUSTED WHOM? WHAT MATTERS IS WHERE MY HARD EARNED MONEY IS GOING INTO?

None of the Partner store is doing business as a part of philanthropy, rather get money out of people to buy their products. So why they've to care with whom they are partnering to unless the company doesn't have a bad reputation of child pornography or illegal drug sale.? Since Quixtar is not engaged in the above said activities, any store can affiliate with it. So do the above said partner stores!!! Nothing More Nothing Less!

Truth is stranger than lies!! Microsoft didn't built website for Quixtar because Quixtar is a great company and that Microsoft has taken a pledge to serve great companies. Rather, quixtar has payed Microsoft for their services like hiring any website contractors. Even Microsoft has issued a notice to quixtar to stop braging about its affiliation with Microsoft. So, Quixtar officially stopped mentioning Microsoft Partnership but rather let word of mouth thru' its sales distributors (IBOs).

These are the TRUE LIES!


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