Quixtar or BWW-Who is EVIL?

Answer is I don't know.

You can't compare 2 devils and tell who is worst. However, I feel that BWW and other motivational organizations are more blood suckers than Quixtar.

Here is my experience and the logical reasoning!

1. Written vs. Verbal Manipulative

Quixtar has everything in paper in the form of welcome kit which contains the Business Etiquette and how it works. BWW verbally manipulates the facts about how this business works!

2. Registration: Actual vs. Manipulative

Quixtar requires IBOs to inform prospects about the registration fee and the optional purchase towards 100 PV. BWW instructs IBOs not to disclose about the registration fee, instead collect $ 315 as registration, products and "taxes". This is a serious Business Rule Violation.

3. Tools: Actual vs. Manipulative

Quixtar didn't recognize BWW as an official training organization, so do their "tools". So, it's clearly written in the starter guide that purchase of tools are optional and doesn't relate to building the business. BWW manipulates it and promotes TOOLS as basic business building blocks and that NO BUSINESS HAPPENS WITHOUT TOOLS!

4. Seminars and Conferences

Quixtar never recommends attending any conferences or seminars. BWW manipulates and demands IBOs to attend seminars and conferences and spend all their money on these craps which itself is the main business of BWW.

5. Initial expenses vs. maintenance cost

Quixtar is promoted as a business with "lack of capital and huge investment" which helps anybody to build a business. But reality is far from these lies. To maintain a business, you need to do monthly investments on overpriced things which you don't want. BWW makes this further worse with the requirement of spending on attending seminars, conferences and purchasing cds and books. Altogether, it'll be more than studying at Harvard:) with a difference that you won't get a prestigious degree, but can file bankruptcy.

6.Ignorant or Diplomatic

Quixtar knows all these practices of BWW and violation of business etiquettes. But they don't care as far as money is coming in and nobody is suing them.They don't care whether IBOs are loosing money due to the manipulative interpretations or false promises of BWW. All they care is that they get money and more people are joining their scam. After all, WHICH Pyramid Scheme or scammer has commitment to the society or the community? All they care is screw people and get their hard earned money with FALSE HOPES AND FALSE PROMISES!

Now you decide who is the real DEVIL?


Anonymous,  November 30, 2007 at 7:10 AM  

so true...if i think back to all the cost of those bww cd's...it really adds up. worse, you get sucked into spending more with the guilt that "winners" listen to the most cd's etc.

Spamway Buster,  November 30, 2007 at 10:38 AM  

I donno whether you're really doing this "Quixtar thing" with BWW:) If you're with BWW doing Quixtar business or not, whether you like it or not, you'll have to do STANDING ORDER (which means suck all cds and books which you don't want every month) and also purchase cds from uplines too. That's the modus operandi of BWW. It is not for becoming WINNERS as you said. It's being the part of that crapy system. And FYI: You make $$$$ and get RICH not by selling quixtar overpriced craps, rather make money by selling BWW's overpriced cds. When you start speaking in conferences and motivating people, you become a "so called LEADER" and then BWW will start making your cds. Marketing you and selling your cds will make you rich! That's the hidden secret of this crap! You learn it if you donno and suck it up. If you think that you can become rich by selling Amway soappowder or energy drink--you moron---you're the real looser. So, make the BWW happy and become a leader, if you want to become rich. that's the real CULT!!! Enjoy!!

Naveen dSouza,  January 1, 2008 at 3:15 PM  

All of you guys are just broke!! Think this with a positive attitude and see the reality. If you caould see its Walmart and their families sucking all your wealth and making their family richer and richer. You guys are so blind that you do not know whats really happening. I do not want to chenge you guys.... but know the truth from inside. Not everyone is successful but not everyone failed.

Just think this.....

If it works its great life if not its still the same you are all living!!!!


Ann Crystal January 2, 2008 at 8:38 AM  

Hi Naveen: You are just another unfortunate kid who might have got impressed with the McDonald's private franchising or Walmart story told in those fancy business prospecting meetings:) I donno from where you got the idea that you're just making Walmart rich..ha ha. If you think in that way, you'll have to make some of these stores "rich" who sells these basic "life supporting stuffs" like groceries or related items UNLESS you produce all the stuffs in the earth which you use!!! Atleast Walmart don't sell anything overpriced!!! Hey kid, if you think that by "self consuming" Quixtar's overpriced products you'll get rich?? Hell not, you get screwed with you finances. Just wait it to happen, if you don't change:) If you dont have the capability of doing anything by your own, then you'll need to be in Quixtar business "doing exactly" what your upline says and spending money to take care of your upline's wife and kids:)

BTW, what made you think that the people who don't do Quixtar are NOT SUCCESSFUL? If that's the case, the only richest people in this earth are Quixtar IBO's. Unfortunately none of the quixtar Ibo's are listed anywhere otherthan they themselves pretend in the meetings and "self produced" DVDs.

Open your eyes you unfortunate brainwashed kid and look around-There is a world without MUCH lies and scams

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