You're at the Point of NO RETURN!

This is true with all IBOs who are "very active in the business". True, you've no way out!

Sounds scary? Truth is stranger than fiction!

Let us revisit the various stages of your IBO-ship till you reach here:

  1. Somebody,may be your close buddy, told about an exciting business opportunity
  2. You got excited or may be NOT, I shouldn't exaggerate!
  3. You asked him What exactly is that? You won't get an answer. He tells hundreds of things other than the answer you expect! He won't reveal the name of the company leaving you NO OPTION even for a Google search.
  4. He drags you to the meeting where he thinks will answer all your questions.
  5. You're dressed up like a clown in your rarely used Suit. Your suit has the smell of your suitcase, I bet!
  6. You saw a large croud of people howling and dancing and Excited. That's what they call it.
  7. You listen to the fabulous presentation which is very informal with plenty of Jokes and stories about big corporations and businesses. Don't miss McDonald's story. You're going to build something no less than a McDonald's empire.
  8. You're introduced to speaker and everybody tells that you're SHARP! or your dress looks Great!
  9. You know the remaining...your friend's partners drive down to your house...and you got registered as an IBO
  10. The initial expense is 315 + Taxes. Nobody told you that it just costs 35$ to register and remaining amount is for ordering stuffs which you don't need. These are for paid samples and your upline's expenses.
  11. Now You BUILD BUILD, BUILT BUILT and Built the business and spend your valuable 2-3 years.
What all you did in 3 years?

You drove many miles
You spent lot of money in conferences, CDs books, and products and spent a lot.

This is like a Card game or a casino where you spent a lot of money and you've NO OTHER WAY OTHER THAN BUILDING THIS BUSINESS orlese you'll loose everything? This is what you were told.

Till this stage, your upline thru BWW will build you up to spent money. After this stage, BWW will leave you alone as they know that you'll not quit as you'll try to regain the money by making "profits" in the business

Now here is the message for you, if you're going thru' this stage:



nursevvt July 7, 2007 at 6:20 PM  

You are truly a winner in spite of what the AMO leaders will say.

Your honestly and integrity are a light in a dark place.

I think of the words ofIsaiah, "the people who walked in darkness have seen a great light"

Keep your light shining my friend.
I believe many others will see and understand

Your servant
Frank Thomas

Anonymous,  July 24, 2007 at 6:07 AM

Buzzer Hut Team

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