Amway/Quixtar Products-Products Comparisons? Are they Best of the Best?

Best of the Best Products! What a high quality products Amway has manufactured for us! These are the buzz words you hear a lot when you attend Amway/Quixtar/BWW motivational meetings and conferences!

Last day, one of the frustrated Amway IBO from India messaged me after reading my blog. He started his message calling me a LOOSER!

Ha ha, I was not shocked! I understands his psychology! When I was active in the business and heard negatives about Quixtar from one of my friend whom I was trying to recruit, my upline told me to stay away from him and that he is no longer my friend as he told negative about Quixtar. My upline started his advices that those who tell negatives about Quixtar are just loosers and have no dream in their life! I totally understands the psychology of the kid who called me a looser! He may be a beginner in the Amway business and the whole recruiting and NOW a total slave of his upline!

Huh, I am deviating from the topic!

On one of my message, I told that guy that Amway products are overpriced craps! Then he demanded a price and quality comparison of High Quality Amway products to any local product in the market. This question from the guy is the basic motivation behind writing this post!

Are AmwayQuixtar Products of High Quality?

When you were/are a new comer in the business, you'll be totally upset about the price of any item. Naturally, you go around and ask your upline Why these products are so expensive?

Then you upline will convince you with these points:

1. Amway products are compared COST PER USE.
Still you wont get it. The most expensive Body Wash in the market costs around $5, but lesser quantity Quixtar product will cost you $12. If you do that comparison then, next answer from your upline will be:

2. Amway products are highly concentrated!
That means that you just need to use one drop of Amway Body wash to wash your entire body when compared to couple of drops for other branded body wash. Excuse me, I am lacking some common sense to believe this ad. gimmick. If you think this is true, then Buy AMWAY PRODUCTS AND DON"T USE IT AT ALL. JUST KEEP IT IN THE SHELF, IT"LL LAST FOREVER!

3. Amway products are the highest quality products ever manufactured in this earth!

This is the real think hour for you. If I answer all questions, you'll think that I'm biased and always throw negatives!

If you've common sense, just think this logic.

1. Companies manufacture and sell products to make profit, so is Amway!

2. If a company produces the best product in the earth, they first advertise it to whole world, sell to the whole world and do all sort of things to make profit.

3. So, if somebody thinks that Amway produces the world's best products, why are they just doing mouth to mouth ads and selling to small group of people? Do you think that Amway is doing these stuffs for charity. If you think so, you lacks something BIG! Try researching the company and their products! By research, I didn't mean "asking your upline".

4. If they don't produce any extra ordinary products, then WHY IS IT OVERPRICED? Now Quixtar started selling cheap Chinese imitation jewelery for over $ 25. Do you think Chinese jewelery makes special products for Quixtar? These jewelery can be found from any Chinese shops in the Mall for $2.

If you still have the common sense left, ASK THESE QUESTIONS YOURSELVES AND FIND THE ANSWER


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