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When I was active with Quixtar business, I always thought why people are writing negative about quixtar? If they don't like Quixtar, why don't they quit and do something else rather than wasting their time in running sites for publishing negatives about quixtar. I also thought that some big Retail stores or pharmaceutical company may be unhappy with the Quixtar MLM business model in which people consume products from their own business and make millions after a while. I thought that these companies loose their business, if all people follow MLM.

I was biased enough that I couldn't find an answer. I asked my upline and they told that these people don't have a life and writes negative about everything and these guys are loosers. Though I agreed with him, I still wondered why a professor of a US University run a web page in his department website exposing the quixtar scam.

Now I know the answer and I myself is writing this blog.LOL

Before going too further into the answer, let me tell you what type of people exists in this planet. you can yourselves analyze where you stand?

When it come to scamming or being cheated, different people reacts differently!

One creed of people don't care even if somebody screwed them or even their spouse cheats on them, they just take things lightly and move on. They keep thinking that life will get better sooner or later. These are passive folks or over adapted folks!

Second creed of people won't react even if they are scammed which is out of fear to fight against a big fraud bull. These people will keep cursing their ill fate and dump their frustration on their family. These guys are low profile achievers. They can't say NO even to same kinda scammers which may come to them in any further journey of their life.

Third creed of people are ambitious and attempts to tap every opportunity for success. But on the way, if they found that they are cheated, they will try to expose the cheaters. These people don't want to waste too much time in fighting against these frauds, still may get a decent satisfaction that these frauds at least can't screw more people, if right information is flooded.

Fourth creed of people are hyper actively ambitious and wants to do everything in a short period of time. If they found to be scammed, they will go to any extent to bring down the scammers. These folks will set aside all other priorities and just spend their rest of time and life to hunt down these scammers.

Fifth category of people will use others experience of being scammed and fight against the frauds. These people may not be cheated by any scammers, but are very considerate about fellow beings and want to help community.

Sixth category is a "Scammer turned to be a community person" as in the movie "Catch Me if you can" which is a rare phenomena.

I guess, I fall in the third category. I don't want to invest my time thinking more about my upline, BWW or Quixtar. If I think more about them, that means that they are important in my life! Swear to God, they're not at all important in my life.

But I am writing this blog for all those who was ME, "the once I am in Quixtar business"! So, my blog is not to throw negatives about everything or anything, rather to expose the Hidden Agenda and truths about BWW and Quixtar which Nobody tells you when you're in business or You never care to understand till you loose everything.

My blog is about the hidden facts and thoughts about the Quixtar Business! I don't want anybody to think as I think, but just to make you guys aware what you're investing in and what you will get!



WHATEVER IN GARBAGE OUT! -unless you're ready to screw your downlines and friends with the fake hopes and promises!

If you do that and get money out of them, why to do this business? Just go and rob people, that has more dignity. Atleast they know what they can expect from you!


Let me start with a disclaimer. I know that any story should start with an introduction and NOT a disclaimer. But my disclaimer will serve as the introduction to this story!

From where am I writing this blog ?

Sure, from some underground in an isolated dark room..LOL where I have no life at all. This is what your Upline folks and the BWW system want you to believe. This the way they see anybody criticizing Quixtar because they're afraid that if you start reading and thinking logically, they loose you and their business. Now ask yourselves, is this the way you think, if you read a bad comment about a shop or a gadget you plan to purchase? Before purchasing anything, I usually go to review sites and look what other people who bought the same stuff have to say about it. This is the Universal Law! Unfortunately, this is not applicable to Quixtar as per BWW System! LOL

What is my credibility?

No credibility at all as I am not a millionaire and never helped anybody to become a millionaire. Take it as an advice: "Millionaires won't speak unless you pay for the conference ticket" Even if they speak,they speak about Quixtar from which nobody can make Millions. You don't believe? Just revisit Quixtar Plan and play with numbers in it. You'll never see any scope of Millions, or even 100,000s LOL. Then where are these millions? That's thru' the sale of tapes, cassettes and conference tickets to the so called 30,000 dumbers coming for conferences with "a dream of making millions". For making those sales in the later stages of your business, you'll have to compete with your own uplines whom you now think as your friend or mentor. Your so called mentor/friend will try to suppress you and do all politics to reduce your importance so that sales and even speaking goes to him. I've personally gone thru' all these challenges. In my earlier stages of my business, I have heard one great "Diamond going upline" calling me and asking me not to be in touch with an "emerald upline" of his team. This is just because Emerald guy is getting tapes directly from the diamond upline who is above the "diamond going guy". You'll sure experience all these dramas and you may yourselves be the victim of these dramas. Politicians behave better than them with a common goal of screwing people and getting their money!

So, I am not a guy who has no life and want to write negatives about anything and everything because I’m unsuccessful in my life. I don't want to make my blog a “Bathroom wall of the society” where I can scribble anything without revealing me. I am writing this blog from my own experiences. This blog is for people who has just been contacted by somebody for "using your free time to make extra income". This blog is for somebody who want more info. about How this business works!

So, if you are in your way of making millions, don’t read my blog. It’s full of logic, which after reading, may make you think and damage your upline’s business!

So, if you really care about your Upline and want to promote his business and have taken the vow to make him rich, please don’t read this!


Anonymous September 30, 2007 at 10:04 PM  

Me also an ex-IBO with BWW. I can relate to each & every experience u had with BWW & Quixtar.

My advice to others: Stay away from this business, its a waste of time, money n energy.

Jude January 19, 2008 at 9:39 PM  

Quixtar.... Gosh i guess its becoming a Desi cult these days..people have changed their lifestyle, their friends for the sake of this Bull shit.... seriously.. I went to a seminar once and there PHD's and researchers were loathing on why did they study? And yeah everything is "AWESOMME"... whatever you say .. even if its "F*&* you", you will be greeted with "Awesome" ... anyways... I have many things to say.. but thats it for now!!.. "AWESOME"

Anonymous,  August 28, 2008 at 3:07 AM  

hey I am very interested in reading financial reports and audits of the Quixtar company. I really want to know the supplier's side, not the BWW etc motivational side to it. You see... the numbers and 'facts' BWW pose are often misleading, miscommunicated or in better terms-well marketed. I often had doubts of whether the products could be easily sold... given their high price and normal quality. Plus, nutrilite sponsors, asafa powell finished 5th in the 100m olympics and Liu xiang failed to start the 110m hurdles. Anyway, i jsut kinda want the financial and economical data of the company.

Upendra July 23, 2009 at 8:03 AM  

same like anonymous here, I am also interested in learning how much does it cost Amway or sister concerns to manufacture these products ? and why don't they allow ANYTHING to come closer to the production facilities ever ?
What is the elixir that is being grown or manufactured at these places that the world cannot see?
and yes, the promotionals are being marketed more regularly than the regular products, simple- these products have a far far higher rate of return and no direct value addition to the IBOs bottomline.

Peter July 17, 2011 at 8:01 PM  

Hahahaha! You are great. I'm so glad someone is stepping up and showing these guys that we're not all stupid and ignorant about what they're up to.

btw, I'm in the 5th category. I've seen too many of my friends screwed by these cheats. So now I try to save others from Quixtar.

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