Quixtar GooGle Bombing and Information Misrepresentation

Quixtar is now actively "bombing" all over the internet to mislead anybody who look for independent reviews about Quixtar to make a decision of whether to join Quixtar or not. It's modern way of suppressing free speech. In this high tech world, you can't stop anybody from writing and publishing truths. But what you can do is DETOUR PEOPLE AWAY FROM TRUTHS! Easy way: "Search Engine Bombing" rather than rectifying the criticisms.

If somebody jumps on you at the mall and pulls you to a business conference or a meeting where you heard a buzz name "Quixtar"!You'll be naturally confused as speaker of the meeting tells you that you can make millions by doing something on your free time! You come home and google for the information about Quixtar. Now all you see in the search engine is Quixtar Corporate Site, thisbiznow.com, Quixtarfacts and more sites which give testimonials about HOW PEOPLE GETS RICH WITHOUT A JOB? Only testimonials, all fancy!

Nobody mentions HOW? just mentions that you become rich!! Joke of the year. You can't make a decision!

The reality about Quixtar is you can't really make millions thru' selling Quixtar Products! BTW, I didn't mention What really Quixtar is? It's the 30 year OLD door to door soap selling company AMWAY with its new name. Why Amway changed its name? Read my post on the change of name! The only way you can make money is thru' selling BOOKS AND CDS at a higher price to people whom you Recruit. These are by the sale of Business Tools which are just motivational speeches made by you or somebody above you in conferences which you've to attend once you join Quixtar! BTW, these conferences are not free and costs you a couple of 100 $$.

Why and What information Quixtar suppresses?

Registering as a Quixtar IBO costs only $35. BUT YOU ARE NEVER TOLD THAT! Your sponsorer gets money if you buys products and by not just registering! So motivational organizations like BWW, NETWORK 21, TEAM, WWDB etc which joins hands with Quixtar\Amway deliberately hide this fact and registers people for $315.

They hides the fact that you can register for $35

They hides the fact that PV/BV (the business points) RESETS to ZERO every month.

They hide the fact that you'll need to spend 250-300 $$ every month to get 100 PV for that month and get a bonus of $7.5

They hides the fact that you've to "SELL products and NOT just consume" to recover a part of money you spent every month.

They hide the fact you've to buy overpriced CDs, books, tapes etc from your uplines/sponsorers to get their help.

They hide the fact that you've to spent a couple of 100s of dollars to attend meetings and conference conducted by the motivational organizations like BWW, NETWORK 21, TEAM, WWDB etc to get the help.

They hide the fact that AMWAY\QUIXTAR is a real pyramid scheme and misleads you with the information that your job/company structure is a pyramid scheme. In your job, you earns money, but in Amway/Quixtar you looses money!


The result is : Thousands of new IBOs are loosing money and quiting every year! Then you wonder who makes money? The people who joined Amway when it started the concept of Pyramid scheme or MLM, when nobody knows about what pyramid scheme is!

How Amway fixes Business tool scam of motivational organizations?

Amway knows that IBOS are loosing money and going bankrupt due to this tool scam by motivational organizations BWW, NETWORK 21, TEAM, WWDB etc. They don't want to warn them. AND WHO WILL BITE THE HANDS WHICH FEEDS THEM? Amway don't bother who looses money and who is scammed! All they care is they get money!

So, in a BWW FED conference 2006 (one conference by BWW organization), Amway/Quixtar announced that they are going to be aggressive with hiding "negatives about Quixtar"!

The company started bombing to suppress all real information about QUIXTAR SCAM floated in the internet. The easy way is Google Bombing and moderate the contents of Public portals like Wikipedia.

Within days, the Pyramid Scam turns in to a reputable company in the internet! That's Quixtar, the old evil AMWAY!

If you really want reviews mentioning the experiences of people who joined Amway/Quixtar, try with some keywords like:

Google for : Quixtar Sucks, Quixtar Victims, Quixtar Deception etc

This will give voices of people who have been cheated by the scam. As a matter of fact, NOBODY WILL SEARCH FOR FANCY TALKS ABOUT A COMPANY OR BUSINESS FOR MAKING A DECISION. That you would have got enough from the Salesman who try to get you in the Amway/Quixtar business.



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