R.I.P. TEAM? Soon, R.I.P. BWW and other Motivational organizations!!


BWW or Worldwide Dream Builders or Network 21 or Yager Larry Winters or John Crowe or Winners International?

I am curious! Who wants to be the next?

By terminating TEAM, I think Quixtar proves that they are serious about their business! In my previous post titled "Who's Evil-Bww or Quixtar", I pointed fingers at Quixtar about their diplomacy in pampering these crooked organizations which screws new IBOs. May be, the bitter experiences with UK Govt. made them realize that the same ban kinda threat could happen in the USA. Anyway good that Quixtar finally woke up. Atleast, be strict with implementing your business rules.

It's the time to change Quixtar's attitude of ignorance to your IBO's being screwed!
We know that people are being screwed by motivational organizations who violate our Business Etiquettes, but We don't care as we are getting our share of "screwed" money!!!

But HOW LONG CAN SOMEBODY FOOL PEOPLE? Some people can fool some people for sometime, but NOT SOME PEOPLE CAN FOOL ALL PEOPLE ALL THE TIME. This is the rule of mother nature. Hey Quixtar- Realize this fact and act ! Else, a huge earthquake in Ada will wipe out the company named Alticor and its child from this planet!

Do you want to act or wait for that earthquake to happen?

Having said that let me appreciate Quixtar for its first bold step! I think Quixtar did a right thing by throwing TEAM out! Their recruiting strategy is one of the worst than BWW (where I was sucked in). I had a bad experience with the TEAM recruiting. Here is my story: One day, I got a mail which resembled the ordinary junk mails with a title GET A FREE ORGANIZER FOR ATTENDING A FREE SEMINAR WITH FREE DINNER AND EARN MONEY USING GOOGLE, EBAY ETC. with the logo of Google, eBay and some other online merchants. I opened it. Unfortunately, it didn't give much details about the seminar. It's an invite for me and a guest where I can get free dinner and an organizer. I need to confirm my reservation by calling a toll free no. which I did. Apart from the free dinner and organizer, I was really interested in the seminar focusing on making money thru' Google and eBay. Seminar was scheduled in BEST WESTERN at 6.00pm with a note to come 10 minutes early. So, me and my spouse decided to learn Google cash making as we were already fed up with the money spent on BWW "Tools" and high priced Quixtar products which are hard to sell. We reached there at 5.45pm, didn't see anybody till 6.00pm. So we went to the reception and asked whether any seminar is scheduled at 6.00Pm. Then, they told that there is one at 7.00pm in R-101. Then we called the same toll free no. and asked whether the seminar is canceled. Then the lady on the phone told that somebody will be with us soon. Out of curiosity, we went to R-101 where the seminar is scheduled. You know what, we were shocked to see a printout pointing to TEAM seminar on the door. That rang a bell. I heard this TEAM as a Quixtar motivational organization like BWW, Network 21, Worldwide Dream Builders.

I immediately thought- What a bunch of crooks? They want to recruit for Quixtar and sent invitation mentioning about MAKING MONEY THRU' GOOGLE EBAY ETC. Good that Quixtar threw them out.

Now, I am seeing a lot of comments from TEAM members in the Alticor blog that Quixtar crucified some "Jesus" from TEAM who would have become the next world savor. What a bunch of real loosers? They got what they deserved. No more crooked tears TEAM! Let go, TEAM!

Now, what happens to TEAM members? The whole philosophy of motivational organizations is that they mold out a bunch of dumpers by creating dependency after getting them retired from their job with a buzz word of FREEDOM! But they never realized that retiring from their job and being a part of motivational organizations is NOT FREEDOM RATHER A NEW AGE SLAVERY! REAL INTELLECTUAL SLAVERY. Now these guys don't know how to live without their upline. Who are the real loosers? Try to guess, if you've any brain left!!!

Now what ?


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