Hey Amway! Are you listening?

An open letter to Amway

To whomsoever it may concern (or may not concern)

I created this blog explicitly to expose my horrible experiences about the ride which I took with your Multilevel Marketing business. Before making any mention about the MLM business, let me ask you whether you have any business etiquettes at all? If you think so, Control the activities of all Motivational organizations like Britt World Wide, Dexter Yager, Network 21, Winners International, World Wide Dream Builders, etc. By control, I didn't mean to distribute your business policies written in small print to all new IBOs. Rather, educate them about the NON REQUIREMENT of buying any OVERPRICED promotional materials like cds, dvds, books and tapes created by these organizations to do an Amway business.Also, make them understand that IBOs are joining Amway to do Amway business and NOT to sell motivational Cds and other related craps. If they want to make a living by selling motivation materials, just ask them to quit Amway business and join some Church groups.

BAN the sale of any Motivational materials to Amway business IBOs. If these motivational orgazations like BWW want their IBOs to succeed, let them provide all motivational materials for FREE.

BAN the sales of ALL non Amway materials in Amway business. That will eventually increase the trust of people in Amway business. If you don't ban the sale of these motivational craps, then you'll be the mosquitto who sucks blood even from the leech!

Take Action! Ban the unethical practices of all motivational organizations. make Amway business SCAMFREE.

If you can't (or don't have the guts to do that, then rename your company's name to SCAMWAY! or back to QUIT-AR


IBOFB March 19, 2009 at 4:42 PM  

So, do believe that Amazon should provide personal development books to IBOs for free, if not, why not? This is a serious question to kick of discussion.

Ann Crystal March 20, 2009 at 8:17 AM  

Good question. We've gone over this once. Personal development Book is a totally different entity. These uplines never make profit by selling book available in Amazon or elsewhere. That's the reason why they don't care selling those books. All they care is the cds and dvds taped out of their motivational speeches in the conferences and seminars which the same downline already paid for. It's called double billing! And that's a scam. This will make the Amway business more expensive for people who really want to build it. That's the sole reason why Amway should stop the unethical activities of these motivational organizations. Stop these motivational organizations from milking the Amway ibos and making them bankrupt!

Joecool March 20, 2009 at 2:14 PM  

IBOFB is currently soliciting donations on his blog, to cover the cost of running the website.

If Amway is such a great business, why can't your founder's 3% cover $1,000 a year?

It's quite obvious why cd's and seminars are pushed harder than books. As Ann said, these are the major money makers for upline, in addition to the voicemail. It is also why IBOs are not encouraged to use the Amway voicemail which would at least allow an IBO to get PV.

Some IBOs defend this saying that KATE is better. Fine, but there products better than other Amway products out there, yet you don't see upline promoting them.

IBOFB March 20, 2009 at 2:50 PM  

Ann, I can't speak for BWW, but folk who buy large numbers of books to distribute to their group do indeed get volume discounts similar to tapes and tickets, and thus do profit from them.

But we could just easily talk about generic network marketing seminars, of which there are many, or generic sales tape programs.

I also can't speak for BWW, but in our organisation the majority of the CDs we receive are not from meetings we have been to, and are not by members of our upline.

It also appears you are mixing up different types of tools incomes. I've started to talk about this in Let's Talk About Tools I. Companies like BWW and N21 etc have the exact same legal relationship with Amway as Amazon does. Amway cannot tell them who they can and cannot sell to. Amway can (and does) put restrictions on what individual IBOs can sell and who too, but the "tool" companies are not IBOs.

Now you might argue that the "tool" companies are owned by IBOs. That's generally (though not entirely) true. But what if you're a shareholder in Amazon? You're an IBO who profits when Amazon sells products.

It's all the same, you can't put rules on one company and not another.

As for IBOs making money directly, folk who make "tool profit" generally have separate businesses that sell tools to their group. Then the basics is simple - if you buy more, then you get it cheaper. Same as any other business, indeed same as the Amway business.

Why should it be different for tools? Should their be no volume discounting? Shouldn't a "diamond" buying 1000 tapes get each one cheaper than an IBO buying one tape?

As for "milking IBOs and making them bankrupt", it's an IBOs choice to buy it or not. Indeed, by far the majority of IBOs don't buy this stuff. Those that do, they're running their own business. They're responsible to decide how much they spend on Amway products, how much they sponsor, how much they retail, how much they spend on petrol, how much they spend on CDs.

Amway in some places has some "rules" about how much new IBOs should spend in their first few weeks. It's arguably illegal for them to do it, but the idea isn't stupid. Give folk a chance to work out what's what. Throw on the fact that tools are refundable, then what's the problem?

Should independent companies be allowed to sell to IBOs? of course

Should folk who buy in bulk get a discount? of course

I'd suggest you agree with that, and it's not profit per se you have a problem with.

Joecool March 20, 2009 at 4:26 PM  

IBOFB and his spins again.

The Amway business and the AMOs such as network 21 have their organizations set up so newbies and IBOs will look up to the leader. The leaders say "do what we say and you will have what we have". There is a defacto requirement to buy tools from upline. Leaders will say tools are optional but so is success, or so and so diamond is experienced and knowledgeable in Amway, but if you don't need his advice, don't buy the cds or don't attend the function.

The uplines operate in a conflict of interest. They tell the prospects and IBOs that the information is vital to their business, all the while making profits, possibly most of their income from these support materials. It is why it was often refered to as a tools scam.

There is also little or no evidence that the tools even work.

IBOFB himself apparently has to resort to begging for financial support to fund his website. Apparently his Amway business doesn't generate enough to cover the $1,000 a year expense? Laughable at best, just like his argument.

Ann Crystal March 20, 2009 at 4:57 PM  

IBOFB: You're talking about the ideal legal environment wherein Amway is handicapped to do anything about this Tool Scam. You may be threatening Amway against taking any further steps to curb this long known Tool exploitation. But my friend, stuffs don't work anymore like that. Those days are gone. We'll witness another "Team" walking out of the door for illegal tool scam practices.

As Motivational business is run under the psychological umbrella of emotions and motivations, blackmailing your ibos to buy your products is pretty much understandable by anyone who have minimum commonsense. In real terms, downline doesn't have much choice to opt out these tools, if they want to stay in your motivational organizations. That's the scam, I am talking about.

Peter July 17, 2011 at 8:11 PM  

How come people dont download the BS motivational CD's for free?

eZen August 6, 2012 at 6:31 PM  

Because no one upload them lol

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